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My Visit to the Permanent Glossier Showroom in NYC

A Beauty Obsessed New Yorker’s experience at the Glossier Showroom in Lower Manhattan.

Glossier Serums

At the beginning of December, Glossier announced that its permanent showroom was officially open to the public. The showroom is located in Lower Manhattan, on the outskirts of my regular stomping grounds of Chinatown. Housed on the penthouse floor of the building that their offices reside in, the showroom is open 7 days a week.


Being just as Glossier obsessed as the next cool girl, my best friend and I made it a point to check it out. We met downstairs and quickly made our way inside where a very sweet staff member was there to greet us. She showed us into the elevator and up we went to the top floor.

The Showroom

Once those elevator doors opened we were in heaven. Everything you can find on their website was right there in front of us to swatch, try and buy! We immediately hit up the Serums and then made our way to the rest of their cult-favorite skincare products.


After we were done shopping around, another staff member came to “take our order.” She pulled out a notepad listing all their products and checked off the items that we wanted. After that, we took our orders to the counter where another staff member in the back packed the items into their iconic pink bubble wrap pouches.

Lauren Lora's Glossier Haul
The whole shopping process was pretty seamless and the showroom staff were all eager to help. It was an added bonus that everybody kept complimenting me on my “Glossier Pink” hair color! I walked out with a Priming Moisturizer, a Coconut Balm Dotcom and a Super Pure Serum.

A Mini-Review on the Products.

I tried the products out the moment I got home. The Priming Moisturizer is to die for. It hydrates while prepping the skin for makeup, making the face feel incredibly soft and smooth. As for the Coconut Balm Dotcom, it’s the original Balm Dotcom but smells amazing. I use it as a lip salve, especially now during the Winter. Then there’s the Super Pure Serum. This serum was my main motivation for going to the showroom in the first place. I use it every day and night as part of my daily skincare routine and so far I’m loving it.

My experience at the Glossier showroom was a positive one and I’m more than likely to go back. The entire place is incredibly instagrammable and a skincare enthusiasts paradise. If you’re from NYC or planning to visit soon you should definitely stop by because I can guarantee you’ll walk out with something you’ll love.

xoxo, Lauren

Travel Guide: A Weekend in Chicago

What to See, Eat and Do in the Windy City

Back in August, my boyfriend and I spent a long weekend in Chicago. It was our first time visiting the windy city and also my first time trying my hand at vlogging! It took a while to put together but I hope this Chicago Travel Vlog is helpful to anybody looking to travel to Chicago in the near future.


Neither my boyfriend or I are huge fans of tours so we decided to create our own itinerary. I’d highly recommend you purchase a Chicago CityPass if you’re looking to do a lot of sightseeing like us. It’s $98/adult and $82/child for VIP entry to 5 attractions. It’s definitely worth it and the VIP entry is a life-saver for the Skydeck because the general admission line snakes, wraps and never ends. You literally cut everybody and hop straight onto the elevators to the top. Plus, you get to feel like a total boss.


Another must do is a boat tour. I picked Wendella’s Sunset Cruise because it fit in well with our itinerary and was a very romantic and beautiful way to wind down the night. I’ve also heard great things about their Architecture tour and would definitely do that when we go back to Chicago.


As for restaurants, the Girl and the Goat is the hot restaurant right now. Place a reservation immediately if you’re considering dining here! We’re having the roasted pig face in the vlog and even though it sounds totally disgusting, I swear it’s delicious. The other two nights we went to The Publican and the Pump Room. The Publican might be, dare I say it? Better than Girl and the Goat. However, Pump Room left much to be desired and it was the priciest of the three. Skip it and find somewhere else to go.


xoxo, Lauren