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The New Cologne Sitting on My Boyfriend’s Shelf

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The New Cologne Sitting on My Boyfriend’s Shelf

A Review of the Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme Cologne

Influenster was kind enough to gift my boyfriend with a free bottle of the Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme cologne. He was pretty excited when he heard that he was getting something for a change.

The day we got it, I made him try it on immediately. The scent was a mix of fresh yet musky, which are two words you would most likely not hear together in a fragrance. I’m not sure how Ralph Lauren pulled this off but they created a cologne that makes my boyfriend smell clean but “manly” at the same time.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme bottle

The packaging is very minimalistic and unassuming. However, the strong red Polo logo against the matte black bottle gives it a bold yet dignified presence on my boyfriend’s shelf. It’s actually small enough for him to either keep in his pocket or keep in his car but he found that applying it once a day is all he needs.

My boyfriend applies a light amount in the morning and there’s still a faint scent lingering toward the end of the night. According to him, it’s a bold fragrance but not overwhelming to the point where he’d get sick of smelling it midday. I’d have to agree as I’m not a huge fan of fragrances, I hardly wear perfume myself, but I’ll admit that I do enjoy the scent on him.

Go pick up a bottle for your mans, ladies!

xoxo, Lauren

Disclaimer: We were given this product for free from Influenster to test but all opinions are our own.