You know the all too familiar feeling of wearing lip gloss and then a gust of wind blows, leaving you with a mouthful of sticky hair? If you answered yes, then you understand why I ditched lip gloss completely in high school and vowed to only wear lipstick from then on…until now. But if anybody could bring lip gloss back it would be ColourPop with their Ultra Glossy Lips.

According to their Snapchat, the Ultra Glossy Lip formula isn’t sticky or tacky like your typical lip gloss. It just provides high shine with sheer color payoff. I’m already obsessed with all their other formulas and Super Shock Shadows so I took a chance and bought four:

  1. Dropout – The darkest shade of the four, Dropout is described as a chocolate raspberry in a sheer finish on the ColourPop website. This is a great transition shade into Fall since it gives you that bitten berry lip look.
  2. My Jam – What’s a lip gloss haul without lots of glitter? This shade is described as a warm gold nude with silver and gold glitter in a metallic finish. It’s definitely my favorite shade out of the bunch.
  3. Tight Fit – A peachy pink with pink, silver and gold shimmer, Tight Fit is definitely the girliest shade I purchased. I love wearing it right now during the summer to give a hint of pink to my lips.
  4. Wolfie – ColourPop describes Woflie as a rosy pink with gold shimmer in a metallic finish. All you have to know is that it’s gorgeous and can definitely be worn all year round.

I’ve had these Ultra Glossy Lips since they launched about a month ago and I’ve been wearing them nonstop since. ColourPop wasn’t lying when they said that these glosses deliver high shine without the tackiness. Now I can happily wear my lip gloss without worrying about it getting all in my hair. Thank you ColourPop for once again answering my prayers.

If you’re interested in adding these Ultra Glossy Lips to your makeup collection, feel free to use my link to get $5 off your first purchase!