I may be in my 20’s but before a month ago I had never gotten a facial. Crazy, right? Getting a facial to me meant either shelling out the big bucks at a fancy spa or being true to my Asian roots and heading to the back room of a Chinatown hair salon. And on a recent college graduate’s salary I’ll let you guess which option was more viable.

What is Heyday?

Then came Heyday, popping up all over my Facebook news feed, calling themselves the “anti-spa” and touting affordable facials. After seeing the ads a few times I eventually took the plunge with my best friend and booked my first-ever facial appointment. Heyday offers three basic facials: a 30-minute session for $60, a 50-minute session for $95 or a 75 minute session for $135. Each facial can be upgraded with $35 enhancements that target specific skin goals. Their hours are great as well: open from 8AM to 10PM on weekdays and 9AM to 8PM on weekends.

A Recap of My Experience

I popped in for a 50-minute session after work and was met on time by my skin therapist, Hillary. (Who, by the way, is wonderful and I’d highly recommend her). I told her about my skin’s history and current condition as well as my skin goals. She immediately got to work cleansing my face to remove my makeup and prep my skin for the rest of the session. I ended up purchasing an enhancement because this was my first facial ever, meaning I had quite a lot of gunk trapped in my pores. I could also hear my best friend’s voice in my head telling me to #treatyoself.

Considering I have never had a facial before I don’t have anything to compare this experience with. But oh my goodness, it was amazing. So amazing in fact that I’ve already been back for a second session with Hillary! I saw such incredible improvement in the look and feel of my skin. Deep-seated blackheads that had been there for years were gone and some texture that was left behind by recent breakouts disappeared too. I had never realized the benefits of facials but now I’m a believer.

Looking to #treatyoself?

Heyday is currently located in Nomad and TriBeCa with an Upper East Side branch opening soon. You can easily book an appointment online and check out their shop to see what products they use.