What I Bought During Sephora’s Spring Savings Event

Another Spring, Another Sephora Savings Event

We’ve been in quarantine for so long that I almost forgot about the concept of seasons – at least until I got an email from Sephora about their Spring Savings Event. Considering Sephora very rarely does promotions, their Savings Events are a chance for me to replenish my beauty staples and try out new products without feeling as guilty.

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Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Chemical Sunscreens

Are Chemical Sunscreens Dangerous?

It’s been a hot topic as of late – whether chemical sunscreens are dangerous. According to a study by the FDA, the four most common active ingredients in chemical sunscreens absorb into the body at a higher rate than previously thought. But just because an ingredient is absorbed into the skin doesn’t make it dangerous – the FDA noted that further testing would be needed to determine that.Read more


Manhattan’s New “Anti-Spa” Heyday Popped My Facial Cherry

I may be in my 20’s but before a month ago I had never gotten a facial. Crazy, right? Getting a facial to me meant either shelling out the big bucks at a fancy spa or being true to my Asian roots and heading to the back room of a Chinatown hair salon. And on a recent college graduate’s salary I’ll let you guess which option was more viable.Read more


My Visit to the Permanent Glossier Showroom in NYC

At the beginning of December, Glossier announced that its permanent showroom was officially open to the public. The showroom is located in Lower Manhattan, on the outskirts of my regular stomping grounds of Chinatown. Housed on the penthouse floor of the building that their offices reside in, the showroom is open 7 days a week.Read more


ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips + Swatches

You know the all too familiar feeling of wearing lip gloss and then a gust of wind blows, leaving you with a mouthful of sticky hair? If you answered yes, then you understand why I ditched lip gloss completely in high school and vowed to only wear lipstick from then on…until now. Read more