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Where Did Spring Go? (Feat. Tobi)

A Small Summer Lookbook Featuring Pieces from Tobi

I’ve lived in New York City my entire life, and I mean it. My parks were made of artificial turf and I know of a time when the MTA wasn’t in a state of emergency. So believe me when I tell you that New York City has lost Spring as a season.

For the past few years it’s gone directly from Winter to Summer with fleeting moments of Spring weather in between. I’ll admit that Summer had once again taken me by surprise  this year and left me with little to no clothing options. But like a fairy godmother, online fashion retailer Tobi reached out and gifted me with three clothing pieces that were perfect for this hotter weather. Check them out below:

Tobi Sara Striped Tiered Crop Top

This Sara Striped Tiered Crop Top from Tobi is perfect for a backyard BBQ or a trip to the beach. I kept it casual by pairing it with my denim high-rise shorties from AE and CDG converses. To complete the outfit I added a two-tiered necklace from Ettika and my long-time favorite Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

Tobi Don't Lie Off Shoulder Crop Top
The second piece I received was this on-trend Don’t Lie Off Shoulder Crop Top. I kept it simple once again with my American Eagle denim high-rise shorties and Hinge slides. To class it up a bit I brought out my Goyard tote and finished off the look with my Ray-Ban aviators.

Tobi Rebecca Front Tie Romper Dress
The last and my absolute favorite piece of the three is this Rebecca Front Tie Romper Dress. Isn’t it gorgeous? With it’s plunging neckline and flowing skirt, this dress is perfect for a summer soirée. I paired it with my gold high-heel sandals from Asos and a black choker necklace from Target.

Which piece was your favorite?


Photography by Matt Ng

xoxo, Lauren

I Think I’ve Found My New Favorite Fine Jewelry Line

My Thoughts on the Mejuri Grace Threader Earrings & Pearl Mini Studs

Wearing the Mejuri Grace Threader Earrings and Pearl Mini Studs
Fun fact: I’ve been wearing the same earrings since high school. My ears are incredibly sensitive to the point where even real gold can irritate them. So when Mejuri first popped up on my radar, I was hesitant.
I eventually got sick of wearing the same set of earrings and around the same time was Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend asked me what I wanted, and with Mejuri’s great return policy, I figured why not give it a shot. He got me the Grace Threader Earrings and Pearl Mini Studs.

About Mejuri

When it comes to jewelry we’re usually left with two options: expensive fine pieces or cheap costume ones. Mejuri sought to be the best of both worlds, combining hand-crafted fine pieces with affordable prices. How, you ask? They cut out the middle man and work directly with the manufacturers.
Mejuri’s pieces are made in collaboration with style icons and designers across the globe. They don’t release products seasonally but rather, they update their inventory with new collections each month. It’s $10 flat rate shipping within the U.S. and free if you spend over $100. And, as I mentioned earlier, their return policy is amazing. They accept returns for up to 30-days with return shipping on them.

Mejuri Grace Threader Earrings and Pearl Mini Studs

Grace Threader Earrings

I was most excited for the Grace Threader earrings; after all, I’d always wanted a dangly pair. The simplistic design is versatile and looks beautiful when worn. They hang at just the right height, so as not to look awkward or trashy.
However, the Grace Threader’s beautiful design is also its greatest flaw. In order to get it through your ear you have to pull the actual chain part through your earring hole. Recall how I have incredibly sensitive ears? You can imagine how irritating and uncomfortable putting them on must before for me.
I cringe a bit when I put them on and take them off. I also find it unfortunate that I can’t take advantage of the versatility of the design. However, these earrings are still gorgeous and I’m willing to overlook the flaws.

Mejuri Mini Pearl Studs

Pearl Mini Studs

Along with dangly earrings, I’ve also always wanted pearl studs. My aunt has a beautiful set that I’ve always envied so I figured it was about time to get my own.
Although the pearls are on the smaller size, I think that’s what keeps them looking youthful. If you get pearls that are too large, you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing your grandmother’s hand-me-downs. They’re the perfect size to either wear together with the Grace Threader earrings or on their own.
While I was more excited for the Grace Threaders, these Pearl Mini Earrings ended up being the ones I was the most satisfied with. I can see myself wearing them more often than the Grace Threader set. Not only are they easier on my sensitive ears, they’re slightly more casual looking meaning they’ll go with more outfits that I wear daily.


Despite being slightly disappointed by the Grace Threader earrings, my overall opinion of Mejuri remains positive. I’m not going to let the Grace Threader earrings cloud my view of the brand because not every girl has the same problem as me. It’s unfortunate that I have sensitive ears, but I should have considered that when ordering. I could always return them but as I said before, they’re pretty enough to the point where I’m willing to overlook the struggle of putting them on and taking them off.
So if you’re looking for an affordable line of fine jewelry, I’d highly recommend Mejuri. They have many other pairs that are just as gorgeous. I already have a few in mind for my next order: Lotus Earrings, Olive Leaf Ring & Choices Bar Bracelet.

Will you be checking out Mejuri?
xoxo, Lauren

These Leggings are Made from Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

My Review of Girlfriend Collective’s Sustainable Leggings

“Free” you say?


I have this love-hate relationship with leggings. They’re incredibly comfortable and if I could, I’d live in them forever. However, if you buy the wrong pair they can be terribly unflattering. A bad pair of leggings could make your butt look flat or even worse, give you a camel toe. So when I heard about this “free” pair of leggings that Girlfriend Collective was giving away on Facebook, I was skeptical.
How could a “free” pair of leggings be any good? I started by asking my homegirl Kristi what she thought. She already received her pair and had been wearing them to work out for a while. Her feedback was positive so I took a chance and got my “free” pair of leggings. It took a while for my pair of leggings to arrive since it was backordered but I tried them on as soon as they were delivered. And just like that, I fell in love with these startup brand leggings made from used plastic water bottles.


The Leggings

The leggings fit me like a glove and hugged me in all the right places. The fabric is very high-quality, feeling smooth and soft against the skin. The material is also thick enough so that you don’t feel over-exposed. During my workouts the leggings hold up better than the ones I purchased from Gap Fit. They stay in place and move with me seamlessly.
What I consider to be the icing on the cake for these already amazing leggings is how they’re produced. Girlfriend Collective prides themselves on being a sustainable fashion brand, and they mean it. The leggings are made of approximately 25 used plastic water bottles each. If you’d like to learn more about the production process or purchase your own pair of sustainable leggings, head on over to their website.
Will you be purchasing a pair?
Urban Outfitters hat (similar one here) / H&M cropped hoodie / Girlfriend Collective leggings / Nike roshe ones
Photography by Matthew Ng
xoxo, Lauren

The New York Public Library isn’t for Checking out Books

How the NYPL became NYC’s new Instagram Hot Spot

Is it just me or are there more people at the New York Public Library taking photos than there are checking out books? It seems like this New York City landmark became an overnight Instagram sensation. Don’t get me wrong though, I hopped on the band wagon as well. The white marble façade makes for an excellent backdrop and the grand interior gives you a lot of scenery to work with.

I’d been seeing a lot of my friends and fellow NYC Instagrammers tagging their photos at the NYPL so I made it a mission to check it out myself. I dragged my friend and photographer Kevin out of bed and together we went to see what the hype was all about.

When we got there we quickly claimed a spot to take photos at and sure enough, other bloggers and Instagrammers started showing up. I’m sure it must’ve looked ridiculous to an outsider, a bunch of girls and their photographers all posing in the same general area.

But in all seriousness, I’m happy that the New York Public Library has gotten onto the list of Instagrammable New York City places. It’s a beautiful building and a historical landmark that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should.

Are there any other NYC Instagram hot spots I should check out? Leave a suggestion in a comment below!

Zara jacket (similar here) / Lulu’s sweater dress / Uniqlo heat tech tights / Aldo over-the-knee boots / Ray-Ban sunglasses / Celine micro luggage tote


Photography by Kevin Mui


xoxo, Lauren

The Gentrification of Bush Terminal, I Mean, Industry City

Exploring the Newly Renovated Workshops of Sunset Park’s Industrial Area

Posing for photos outside Industry City

Industry City is probably one of Brooklyn’s lesser known areas of gentrification. It’s flown under the radar as opposed to other neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope. What used to be a batch of old warehouses one passed while driving down the BQE is now a newly renovated workspace for lease. The cobblestone streets scream old New York whereas the string-light lined common spaces bring forth a more modern aesthetic.


Much of the area is still used for industrial business with rows of shipping containers lining the waterfront. Nearby is the Hudson’s Bay owned Liberty View Industrial Plaza, also new to the neighborhood, where you can shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Saks Off Fifth to name a few. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to eat and Industry City’s food hall seems to only operate during office hours.

Checking my phone in the Industry City courtyard

To be honest, I probably would have never come here if not for the suggestion of my longtime friend and photographer, Kevin. He spotted string-lights in one of the courtyards while passing by on the highway one night and we decided to check it out. I’d heard rumors of the area’s facelift but had no idea what the remodel would entail.


I wouldn’t exactly call this a must-see New York City hotspot considering the closest landmark is Greenwood Cemetery, but I will admit that the area is definitely up-and-coming. I believe Industry City and Liberty View Industrial Plaza will set the wheels in motion for the much-needed uplift this neighborhood needs. However, as a life-long New Yorker I’m always conflicted about change, even if it seems to be for the better.

Posing for an outfit photo in the Industry City courtyard


Alpha Industries bomber / Uniqlo sweater / Uniqlo leggings pants / Topshop booties (similar ones here) / Givenchy Antigona bag


Photography by Kevin Mui


xoxo, Lauren

Au Revoir


My sincerest apologies for the radio silence lately but I’m in the process of moving apartments so things have gotten pretty crazy these past weeks. I’ve also been booking a lot of photoshoots so I haven’t had the time to sit down and write a post.


This latest photoshoot was with one of the sweetest photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Victor hit me up after finding me through Instagram since he was in the city on vacation. We met up and walked around Bowery Park and wandered into Soho. I had an amazing time shooting with him and I’ll definitely work with him again if he’s ever back in town. You can check out my full photoshoot with Victor in my portfolio.


The Look: Brandy Melville Top / Pacsun Denim Shorts (similar ones here) / Madewell Shirt / Golden Goose Sneakers (similar ones here) / Ray Ban Sunglasses / Hervé Chapelier Bag


xoxo, Lauren

Pink Birds



Can somebody please define “business casual” to me? The term itself is an oxymoron, how can one be about business while keeping it casual?


I work in Marketing so all the companies I’ve worked for in the past had loosely enforced business casual dress codes. What that means is you had people showing up in sneakers and sweatshirts, myself included, and it was completely acceptable. However, I started a new job in July and they have a strict business casual dress code. I’m talking men wearing suits and women wearing slacks. Needless to say, I do not have a pair of slacks just sitting in my closet. But when life gives you a new dress code you make lemonade and go shopping.


I told myself that I wouldn’t spend too much money on “business casual” clothes because I’d only wear it to work. Surprisingly enough I was able to find this entire outfit (except for the heels that were already in my closet) at Target and H&M! Turns out the clothes also came in handy for the photoshoot I did with Louisa Wells for A Classic Time Watch Co. so I’m definitely getting a good wear out of these pieces.


And this might sound crazy but, “business casual” may be starting to grow on me!


The Look: Target Top / H&M Skirt (similar one here) / Miu Miu Pumps (similar ones here)


xoxo, Lauren

East River



This has been one of my go-to outfits for over a year now. I love how the bagginess and utilitarian feel of the Current/Elliott jacket along with the distressed Golden Goose sneakers contrasts against the body conscious cut of the Urban Outfitters dress. It’s a great low-key sexy yet comfortable look.


Outfit Details:
Dress – Urban Outfitters (similar one here)
Jacket – Current/Elliott
Sneakers – Golden Goose (similar ones here)


If you’d like to see more photos from my shoot by the East River with Dre they’re up in my Model portfolio!


xoxo, Lauren

Tokyo 58?





If the two different handbags doesn’t give it away already, these photos were taken on two separate days. The first one was before I grabbed brunch with some friends at Hotel Chantelle and the latter after I met up with my boyfriend at his office. I purchased this jersey tank dress from H&M and I’ve been pairing it with my Golden Goose sneakers and a chambray shirt from Madewell to break it up a bit. It’s a really great weekend outfit because it’s so easy, carefree and comfy!


Outfit Details:
Dress – H&M (similar one here)
Shirt – Madewell (similar one here)
Sneakers – Golden Goose (similar one here)
Bag – Givenchy/Goyard


xoxo, Lauren

Crashing a Workshop




Here’s another outfit that I wore for my collaboration with A Classic Time Watch Co. and Louisa. Once again photo credits go to Eddie but the funny story behind this first photo here is that shortly after Eddie snapped some shots of me, an entire photography workshop started using me as their subject.


One of the guys came up to me and asked politely if he could take photos of me and of course I agreed. Soon enough the whole class was taking photos and I got a very harsh look from who was supposed to be the workshop’s subject model. Oops! Hopefully the guys send me the photos over soon so I can upload them to my gallery.


Outfit Details:
Dress – Aritzia
Heels – Miu Miu (similar ones here)


xoxo, Lauren