Fun fact: I’ve been wearing the same earrings since high school. My ears are incredibly sensitive to the point where even real gold can irritate them. So when Mejuri first popped up on my radar, I was hesitant.I eventually got sick of wearing the same set of earrings and around the same time was Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend asked me what I wanted, and with Mejuri’s great return policy, I figured why not give it a shot. He got me the Grace Threader Earrings and Pearl Mini Studs.

About Mejuri

When it comes to jewelry we’re usually left with two options: expensive fine pieces or cheap costume ones. Mejuri sought to be the best of both worlds, combining hand-crafted fine pieces with affordable prices. How, you ask? They cut out the middle man and work directly with the manufacturers.

Mejuri’s pieces are made in collaboration with style icons and designers across the globe. They don’t release products seasonally but rather, they update their inventory with new collections each month. It’s $10 flat rate shipping within the U.S. and free if you spend over $100. And, as I mentioned earlier, their return policy is amazing. They accept returns for up to 30-days with return shipping on them.

Mejuri Grace Threader Earrings and Pearl Mini Studs

Grace Threader Earrings

I was most excited for the Grace Threader earrings; after all, I’d always wanted a dangly pair. The simplistic design is versatile and looks beautiful when worn. They hang at just the right height, so as not to look awkward or trashy.

However, the Grace Threader’s beautiful design is also its greatest flaw. In order to get it through your ear you have to pull the actual chain part through your earring hole. Recall how I have incredibly sensitive ears? You can imagine how irritating and uncomfortable putting them on must before for me.

I cringe a bit when I put them on and take them off. I also find it unfortunate that I can’t take advantage of the versatility of the design. However, these earrings are still gorgeous and I’m willing to overlook the flaws.

Mejuri Mini Pearl Studs

Pearl Mini Studs

Along with dangly earrings, I’ve also always wanted pearl studs. My aunt has a beautiful set that I’ve always envied so I figured it was about time to get my own.

Although the pearls are on the smaller size, I think that’s what keeps them looking youthful. If you get pearls that are too large, you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing your grandmother’s hand-me-downs. They’re the perfect size to either wear together with the Grace Threader earrings or on their own.

While I was more excited for the Grace Threaders, these Pearl Mini Earrings ended up being the ones I was the most satisfied with. I can see myself wearing them more often than the Grace Threader set. Not only are they easier on my sensitive ears, they’re slightly more casual looking meaning they’ll go with more outfits that I wear daily.

Wearing the Mejuri Grace Threader Earrings and Pearl Mini Studs


Despite being slightly disappointed by the Grace Threader earrings, my overall opinion of Mejuri remains positive. I’m not going to let the Grace Threader earrings cloud my view of the brand because not every girl has the same problem as me. It’s unfortunate that I have sensitive ears, but I should have considered that when ordering. I could always return them but as I said before, they’re pretty enough to the point where I’m willing to overlook the struggle of putting them on and taking them off.

So if you’re looking for an affordable line of fine jewelry, I’d highly recommend Mejuri. They have many other pairs that are just as gorgeous. I already have a few in mind for my next order: Lotus Earrings, Olive Leaf Ring & Choices Bar Bracelet.

Will you be checking out Mejuri?