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Lauren is a fashion, beauty and travel blogger based in New York City.





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My Top Tips for Planning a Greece Trip

5 Things You Should Know Before Going to Greece It seems, these days, as if everyone and their mother has been taking a trip to Greece. And it’s to no one’s surprise once you see all the flight deals that Emirates and other airlines have been...

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Luggage Review: Calpak, Away & Raden

I found myself with carry-ons from three of the most popular luggage brands at the moment so I decided to do a quick review of them. Can you guess which one is my favorite?   Calpak - Away (Get $20 Off!) - Raden -   Which one would...

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Travel Diary: A Weekend in Boothbay Harbor, ME

A Travel Guide of What to See, Eat and Do in the Small but Quaint Harbor Town located in Maine. After eight hours of driving, I found myself in the small town of Boothbay Harbor with my parents and my boyfriend. We traveled from New York...

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Travel Guide: A Weekend in Chicago

What to See, Eat and Do in the Windy City Back in August, my boyfriend and I spent a long weekend in Chicago. It was our first time visiting the windy city and also my first time trying my hand at vlogging! It took a while...

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A Weekend in DC

Source: Wikimedia[/caption]   One of the first trips my boyfriend and I ever took together was a 4 hour drive down to Washington, D.C. I'm one of those people who believe traveling together is a major test of the relationship and my boyfriend passed with flying...

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